Creating To-dos

You can create to-dos for all the tasks involving contacts that you want to assign to salespeople/purchasers. You can only assign to-dos to employees recorded in the program as salespeople/purchasers.

You create to-dos from the To-do List window. Depending on where you open the To-do List window from, the window shows to-dos for either contacts, salespeople, campaigns or teams. The following procedure shows how to create a to-do from the contact card.

To Create To-dos:

  1. Open the Contact Card window.

  2. On the contact card, select the contact involved in the to-do, and then click Contact, To-dos.

  3. In the To-do List window, click Create To-do. The Create To-do wizard appears.

  4. Fill in all the fields in the first window of the wizard, and then click Next.

    The Description field is a mandatory field and must be filled in before you can click Next. The text in this field will be used as the subject for e-mail invitation. For to-dos of the Meeting type, you must also fill in the Starting Time field and the Duration field if the to-do is not an all-day event.

  5. If the to-do is a meeting, in the second wizard window, select the template for e-mail invitation and its language code. The Attachment field shows whether the invitation for this to-do has an attachment. To view and edit the attachment, click the AssistButton in the field. Attachments are available only for attendees of the Contact type.

  6. In the Attendees Scheduling lines, fill in all fields for each attendee.

  7. Information about a to-do organizer cannot be changed or deleted. The Show Calendar option is only available for attendees of the Salesperson type. The Send Invitation option is only available for contacts and salespeople with an e-mail address.

  8. If the to-do is either a Blank type or a Phone Call type, in the second wizard window, you must fill in the Salesperson Code field or the Team Code field before you can click Next or Finish.

  9. Fill in the other relevant fields in the following wizard windows. If the to-do is recurring, fill in the fields in the last wizard window.

  10. When you have entered all the necessary information, click Finish.

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