Assigning Activities

You can assign large tasks, composed of several to-dos, to salespeople/purchasers. Only employees recorded as salespeople/purchasers in the program can be assigned activities.

You can assign activities from the To-do List window. Depending on where you access the To-do List window from, the window shows to-dos for either contacts, salespeople, campaigns or teams. The following procedure shows how to assign activities from the salesperson/purchaser card.

To Assign Activities:

  1. Open the Salesperson/Purchaser Card window.

  2. Find the salesperson you want to assign the activity to and click Salesperson, To-dos.

  3. On the To-do List window, click Functions, Assign Activities. The Assign Activities wizard appears.

  4. Fill in the fields in the wizard and then click Finish. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

    The Activity Code, Date, Contact No., Salesperson Code (or Team Code) fields are mandatory fields and must be filled in before you can click Finish.

  5. Click Finish.

    When you click Finish, the program automatically assigns all the to-do within the activity to the salesperson.

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