Creating Interactions

You can create interactions to record all the interactions and communications you have with your contacts.

Before you create interactions, you must set up interaction templates.

To Create Interactions:

  1. In the Contact Card, Salesperson/Purchaser Card, or Interaction Log Entries window, click Create Interaction. The Create Interaction wizard appears.

  2. Fill in all the fields in the first window of the wizard, and then click Next.

    The Interaction Template Code, Salesperson Code, Contact No., Date, and Description fields are mandatory fields and must be filled in before you can click Next or Finish.

    If the interaction template you have chosen contains an attachment, when you click Next on the first window of the wizard, the program performs an action, according to the contents of the Wizard Action field in the Interaction Template table. The program either opens the attachment or displays a dialog box from where you can import an attachment.

    You can make the necessary changes in the attachment, close it and then confirm the subsequent message.

  3. Fill in the other relevant fields in the wizard windows. For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  4. When you have entered all the necessary information, click Finish.

If you close the wizard by clicking the Close button or Cancel, or by pressing Esc, a message appears asking whether you want to finish this interaction later. Click Yes if you want to postpone the creation of this interaction and finish it later, for example, if you need to perform another task in Navision before finishing the interaction. When you click Yes, the program automatically stores the newly created interaction in the Interaction Log Entry table. If you have linked the interaction to a campaign, the program automatically inserts a new entry in the Campaign Entry table.

If a postponed interaction contains an attachment, it is stored in Navision. To view the attachment, open the Postponed Interactions window, select the interaction with the attachment you want to view and click Show.

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