Canceling To-dos

You can cancel to-dos that have been assigned to salespeople but no longer need to be completed, or have been canceled.

You cancel to-dos from the To-do List window. Depending on where you access the To-do List window from, the window shows to-dos for either contacts, salespeople, campaigns or teams. The following procedure shows how to cancel a to-do from the contact card.

To Cancel To-dos:

  1. Open the Contact Card window.

  2. Click Contact, To-dos.

  3. On the To-do List window, select the to-do you want to close, and click To-do, Card.

  4. On the to-do card, click to insert a check mark in the Canceled field.


After you have canceled the to-do, it is not removed from the To-do List window, but appears marked as canceled.

To remove the to-do from the To-do List window, you must delete it.

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