A template is a complete notification solution that is almost ready to use. It consists of:

When working in the Notification Manager or in the Notification Designer, it is almost as if a scheme and a template are the same thing. There are some important differences though:

When Business Notification is installed there are already a number of templates available. Both the Business Notification part (the schemes) and the Navision part (the Navision objects) are already installed and can be used.

This topic explains how to add additional templates to Business Notification, and how to remove templates from Business Notification, if and when you buy additional solutions. The procedure for installing the Navision part of a template will depend upon how the developer has designed this part of the solution. The specific instructions for installing the Navision objects will be part of the documentation for the solution.

Using a template

Before using (the copy of) a template, you must consider the following tasks in the Notification Designer:

  1. You must set permissions (this task is not optional).

  2. You should change the name from the default to something meaningful to you.

  3. You should consider if you need to use a filter - the Navision part may well be quite "generic," so you may want to limit the number of situations where notifications are actually sent.

  4. You must decide if you need to change the e-mail message, if the template contains one; if not, then you must create a message.

  5. You must enter a title and a description that make sense to your users (if, for example, you have used a filter, you may want to make a title and description that clearly describes to prospective subscribers the notifications they can expect to receive).