The Message Form

The message form is used for creating the notification e-mail messages for a scheme.

On the top of the form, in the From field, you must enter a valid e-mail address. If somebody replies to a notification e-mail, the replies will be sent to this address.

On the left side of the form are the Subject field and the Contents field.

In the Subject field, you define the subject of the e-mail message. In the Contents field, you define the body of the e-mail message.

On the right side of the form is a list of all the fields received from Navision. You can insert a field in either the subject or the body of the e-mail message by placing the cursor where you want to insert the field, selecting the field, and clicking Insert field. The field will be inserted in the position where the cursor was when you selected the field.

The list of fields is organized as a tree, similar to how the Windows Explorer shows folders and files. There are three different kinds of items in the list: fields, repeating groups and groups. These are described below, along with the icons used for each type:

The icon  represents a field. This is a field as received from Navision, for example "Order No." When you have inserted a field, you can write text around it, move it around, and so on. For example:

You can insert fields into the body of an e-mail message like this:

Dear [Buy_from_contact]

And when real data starts arriving from Navision, the program will insert text such as:

Dear Mrs. Alana Lemlin

Dear Mr. James Day

The icon  represents a repeating group. A repeating group is a group of fields that can occur a number of times (or not at all). The group is marked as such when it is inserted. For example:

On a sales order, there can be a repeating group called, for example, "Sales Order Lines." When this group is inserted into an e-mail message (and it is probably only relevant to put it in the body of the message) it means that the fields in the group are repeated for as many times as there is actual data in the document received from Navision.

The icon  represents a group. A group is a "heading" that is used to place some fields together. For example:

For a sales order, all fields that are related to payments could be in a group called "Sales Order Payments." If a group is inserted, all fields in this group (and any subgroups of this group) are inserted into the e-mail message. It is not recommended to add a group to the subject of a message.

About localizing messages:

If you want to send messages to, for example, business partners in different countries in their native languages, what you must do is create a scheme for each language, and then use filters to make sure the "right" scheme is used to send the message.