Notification Designer Overview

The Notification Designer is used for creating and modifying schemes. It is started from the Notification Manager. If you want to create a new scheme, click File, New. If you want to modify an existing scheme, select the scheme in the Schemes for construction list and then click File, Open. (There are also alternative methods to do this, which you can read about in the Notification Manager topic.)

On the first form you see, the main form, you must give the scheme a name. If the new scheme was not created from scratch, but from a template or by copying an existing scheme, a default name will already have been proposed. You can change this default name to fit your needs.

At the bottom of the main form there is four buttons:

Validate: Click Validate to test that the scheme is valid, that is, that the Business Notification system is able to understand and use the scheme.
: Click OK to save and exit the Notification Designer.
: Click Cancel to exit the Notification Designer without saving.
: Click Help to open the online help for the form.

There are four forms that you can access from the main form of the Notification Designer:

Event: the event selection form where you select the (Navision) event that will start this scheme when the event occurs. You cannot enter any of the Filter, Message or Recipients forms before you have selected an event.

Filter: the form where you can decide if an event received from Navision should cause a notification to be sent, based on the concrete data in the event document coming from Navision.

Message: the form where you can create the e-mail message that is sent to subscribers when they are notified. You can merge data into the message from documents received from Navision.

Recipients: this form is used to give internal users permissions to subscribe to notifications; to create the "interface" that internal users see when they subscribe; and also to explicitly add external recipients (who cannot use the Intranet-based subscription tool) as subscribers of a notification.