Registering Fault/Resolution Codes

After repairing a service item, you can register both the fault code and the resolution code for the item by selecting a combination from the existing fault/resolution codes relationships.

To Register Fault/Resolution Codes:

  1. Open the Service Tasks window.

  2. Click the line that includes the relevant service item and click Service Tasks, Item Worksheet.

  3. In the Service Item Worksheet window, click Worksheet, Fault/Resol. Codes Relationships. The Fault/Resolution Codes Relationships window appears.

The program automatically sets filters on the relationships it shows in the window by copying the service item group and the fault codes from the Service Item Worksheet window.

  1. Select the correct combination of fault and resolution codes, and then click OK to copy it to the service item. If an appropriate combination cannot be found, you can create a new combination in the window.

The selected fault and resolution codes now appear in the corresponding fields in the Service Item Worksheet window. You can also register the codes directly in this window.

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