Creating Service Quotes

You can use the Service Quote window to create documents where you enter information about a service (repair and maintenance) on service items by customer request. You can use a service quote as a preliminary draft for a service order, and then convert the quote to a service order.

To Create Service Quotes:

  1. Open the Service Quote window.

  2. Press F3 to enter a new service quote.

  3. In the No. field, enter a number for the service quote.

Alternatively, if you have set up a number series for service orders in the Service Mgt. Setup window, you can press ENTER to have the program enter the next available service quote number.

  1. In the Customer No. field, click the AssistButton to see the Customer List window. Select the relevant customer from the list, and then click OK to copy it to the field.

The program automatically fills in the customer relevant fields with information from the Customer table.

If a customer card does not exist for the customer, and you have set up a customer template, you can create the customer within the service quote by filling in the relevant fields and clicking Functions, Create Customer.

  1. Depending on the settings on the Mandatory Fields tab in the Service Mgt. Setup window, you may need to fill in the Service Order Type field on the General tab and the Salesperson Code field on the Invoicing tab.

  2. Fill in the service item lines.

  3. Register estimated costs in the service invoice lines.

For Help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

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