Converting Service Quotes to Service Orders

When a customer has accepted a service quote, you convert it to a service order.

You must have already created the service quote.

To Convert Service Quotes to Service Orders:

  1. Open the Service Quote window.

  2. Browse to the relevant service quote.

  3. Click Make Order. A dialog box appears in which you must click Yes to confirm.

The program converts the quote to an order. It deletes the quote from the window and sets up a new service order with the same number as the service quote. The program recalculates the response date and time for the service order and sets its status as Pending. It changes the repair status of the service items in the order to Initial.

The program searches for allocation entries for all the service items in the service quote that have the status Active. If it finds such allocation entries, the program updates their allocation status to Reallocation Needed. When you reallocate the service items in the service order, the program changes the status of the allocation entries registered for the quote to Finished.

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