The following procedure describes how to run the form transformation tool to transform forms for the Classic client to pages that you can use in the RoleTailored client.

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

Running the Form Transformation Tool

To run the form transformation tool

  1. Confirm that you have the following input files, and that the path to these input files is correct in the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe.config file:

    • Forms.xml

    • CodeRules.txt

    • TransformPages.xml

    • IgnorePages.xml

    • MovePages.xml

    • DeleteElements.xml

    • MoveElements.xml

    • DeletePageElement.xsd

    • IgnorePage.xsd

    • MovePage.xsd

    • MovePageElement.xsd

    • TransformationInput.xsd

    • Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe.config

    • Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe

  2. Navigate to the folder where Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe is located.

  3. Double-click Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe.

  4. Verify that the tool completes successfully and that you have the following output files in the folder specified in the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe.config file:

    • Pages.xml

    • Transformation.log

    • TransformationLog.xml (contains the same information as Transformation.log)

After you run the transformation tool, you must complete the following steps: