The transformation process has two stages:

The following diagram illustrates the process of transforming forms to pages.

The topics in this section provide an overview of the steps that you need to take to prepare for transformation.

If you take the time to prepare your forms for transformation, the transformation will be more efficient and complete.

To prepare for transformation, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Install the form transformation tool. For more information, see How to: Install the Form Transformation Tool.

  2. Redesign existing forms in the Classic client. It is not possible to transform some forms, such as Matrix forms. Redesigning forms smoothes the transformation process and helps to minimize errors when you run the tool and layout issues in the transformed page. For more information, see Preparing for Form Transformation by Redesigning Forms.

  3. Define the transformation input. Create mapping specifications by using the Transformation Input Files (TIF) Editor or by directly modifying the transformation input .xml files. You must assign each page a type. You can also specify additional layout and user experience (UX) changes. For more information, see Preparing Transformation Tool Input.