To transform forms to pages, you must create a source .xml file of the forms that you want to transform. The form transformation tool uses this source file as well as the transformation input .xml files and the schema files to transform forms to pages. This procedure describes how to create the source forms .xml file.

Before you begin this procedure, confirm that you have completed the necessary preparation for transforming forms. For more information, see Preparing to Transform Forms to Pages.

To create forms.xml input file

  1. In the Classic client, click Tools, and then click Object Designer.

  2. In Object Designer, click Form.

  3. Select the forms that you want to transform.

  4. Click the File menu, and then click Export.

  5. In the Export Objects window, browse to the location where you want to export the forms. We recommend that you export forms to the same folder where the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe file and the transformation input files reside.

  6. In the File name text box, specify the name of the file. We recommend that you name the file Forms.xml.

  7. In the Save As Type drop-down list, select XML Format (*.xml), and then click Save.


    After you have saved the forms to the Forms.xml file, you must configure the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe.config file. When you configure this file, verify that it specifies the correct name and location for the exported forms XML file. For more information, see Configuring the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Tools.FormTransformation.exe.config File.

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