About Designing Menus for Users

If you are the menu suite administrator for your company, you can use the Navigation Pane Designer to configure the menus that you have received from your solution provider to better suit the users in your company.

If you do not have design permissions, you can personalize your Navigation Pane.

Designing Menus

In the Navigation Pane Designer, you have editing access to the company's whole menu suite. You can edit existing menus, create new menus, change the order of the menu buttons in the Navigation Pane or delete menu buttons. Then you can assign one or more menus to each of your users.

Assigning Menus

A user can only be assigned to an entire menu, not a portion of it.

Hiding Menus in the Navigation Pane Designer

You can hide menus in the Navigation Pane Designer if you are not working with all of them. The menu is only hidden in the Navigation Pane Designer. Any users that you have assigned the menu will still be able to see it in their own menu suite. (Right-click the menu button and then click Hide in Designer. When you need the button again, click any menu button and then click Show in Designer. Place a check mark by the name of the menu you want to show and then click OK.)

Enabling and Disabling Menus

When you are making changes to a menu, you can disable it if you do not want users to see your changes immediately when you save them. When it is ready to be distributed to the users, you enable it again. (Right-click the menu button and select Enable or Disable.) The first time the user refreshes the Navigation Pane after you enable a menu, they will see the new version. To refresh the Navigation Pane, the user can right-click below the menu buttons and next to the scroll arrows, and then click Refresh.

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