Setting Up XBRL Lines

After having imported or updated the taxonomy, the lines of the schemas must be supplied with all the information that is required. This information will include basic company information, the actual financial statements, notes to the financial statements, supplemental schedules, and other information that is necessary to satisfy the particular financial reporting requirements.

You set up the XBRL Lines by mapping the data in the taxonomy to the data in your general ledger.

To Set Up XBRL Lines:

  1. Open the XBRL Taxonomies window.

  2. Select a taxonomy from the list and click Taxonomy, Lines.

  3. Select a line and fill in the fields. For help about a specific field, click the field and press F1.

  4. To read detailed information about what to fill in, click XBRL Line, Information.

  5. To set up the mapping of the G/L Accounts in the Chart of Accounts to the XBRL lines, click XBRL Line, G/L Map Lines.

  6. To add notes to the financial statement, click XBRL Line, Notes.


You can only export data that correspond to the source type you have selected in the Source Type field, including description and notes.


Lines that are not relevant can be marked as line type NOT APPLICABLE and will therefore not be exported.

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