Importing Taxonomies

The first step in working with the XBRL functionality is to import the taxonomy into your company database. A taxonomy consists of one or more schemas and some linkbases. Once you have completed the import of both schema(s) and linkbases and have applied the linkbases to the schema, you can set up the lines and map the G/L Accounts in the Chart of Accounts to the appropriate taxonomy lines.

To Import Taxonomies:

  1. Open the XBRL Taxonomies window.

  2. Insert the name and description of the taxonomy.

  3. Click Taxonomy, Schemas and insert the description of the schema.

  4. To import the schema, click Schema, Import and then select a folder and an XSD file and click Open.

  5. Click Schema, Linkbases and select the type of linkbase and insert a description.

  6. To import the linkbase, click Linkbase, Import and then select a folder and an XML file and click Open.

  7. You can now choose to apply the linkbase to the schema or wait. Repeat until you have imported all linkbases.


Applying a linkbase can be time consuming, so instead of applying the linkbases individually right after the import, you can wait until you have imported all linkbases and then apply them at the same time. To do this, click NO when the program asks if you want to apply the newly imported linkbase to the schema. Then select the lines with the linkbases you want to apply, and click Functions, Apply to Taxonomy.

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