Updating Taxonomies

When a taxonomy changes you need to update the current taxonomy accordingly. The reason for the update can be an altered schema, an altered linkbase or a new linkbase. After updating the taxonomy, you only need to map the lines for the changed or new lines.

To Update a Taxonomy:

  1. Open the XBRL Taxonomies window.

  2. For updating schemas, click Taxonomy, Schemas.

  3. Select the schema you want to update and then click Schema, Import.

  4. For updating or adding a new linkbase, click Taxonomy, Schemas, Schema, Linkbases.

  5. Select the relevant linkbase or press F3 for a new line, select the type of linkbase, insert a description and then import the linkbase by clicking Linkbase, Import.

  6. Apply the linkbase to the schema by clicking YES.

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