Creating Orders for Opportunities

You can make sales orders from the sales quotes that you have created for your opportunities.

Before you can create sales orders for your contacts, you must create the contact as a customer in the Sales & Receivables application area.

You can create orders for opportunities from the Opportunity List window. Depending on where you access the Opportunity List window from, the window shows opportunities for either contacts, campaigns or salespeople. The following procedure shows how to create orders from the salesperson/purchaser card.

To Create Orders for Opportunities:

  1. Open the Salesperson/Purchaser Card window.

  2. On the salesperson/purchaser card, select the salesperson/purchaser handling the opportunity and click Salesperson/Purchaser, Opportunities.

  3. On the Opportunity List window, find the opportunity that you have create a sales quote for, and click Functions, Assign Sales Quote. The Sales Quote window appears, containing the sales quote you have assigned to the opportunity.

  4. Enter additional information in the Sales Quote window, and click Make Order.

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