Canceling Interaction Log Entries

You can cancel interaction log entries when an interaction you have recorded has not been performed.

You cancel interaction log entries in the Interaction Log Entries window. Depending on where you access the Interaction Log Entries window from, the window shows interactions either for a contact, a salesperson or a to-do. The following procedure shows how to cancel an interaction for a contact.

To Cancel Interaction Log Entries:

  1. Open the Contact Card window.

  2. Select the contact involved in the interaction and click Contact, Interaction Log Entries.

  3. In the Interaction Log Entries window, select the interaction log entry you want to cancel and click Functions, Switch Checkmark in Canceled.

  4. Confirm the subsequent message.


After you have canceled the entry, it is not removed from the Interaction Log Entries window, but appears marked as canceled.

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