To enable payment services, you must set up some parameters in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and then go online to sign up with Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This procedure guides you through establishing a connection and signing up, as well as selecting payment providers. Before setting up a payment services connection, create a Windows Live ID account that you will use to manage Dynamics Online payment services for your company.

To set up a payment services connection

  1. In the Classic client, in the navigation pane, click Administration, click IT Administration, click Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and then click Payment Services Connection Setup.

    You must use the Classic client to set up payment services.
  2. To test your connection and setup, select the Run in Test Mode check box.

    When you select this option, no actual transactions are sent to the payment provider. After you have set up your payment provider and verified that the connection is working properly, return to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Payment Services Connection Setup card and clear this field.
  3. Click Functions, and then click Sign-up Now. The Setup Payment Service Account page opens

  4. In the Account Information section, enter the organization name you will use to identify this payment services account, and then enter an email address.

    Your partner will use the organization name to identify you in Payment Services for provisioning and activation support.
  5. In the Services Information section, review and accept the terms, and then click Sign Up.

  6. When the Next Steps window opens, click Close to return to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A dialog box opens and says whether signup was successful.

  7. Select the Active check box to enable the Payment Services connection once you have signed up with Payment Services.

  8. Select the Service ID by clicking the lookup button. Select the Payment line and then close the Name/Value window.

You can now sign up with a Payment Services payment provider. For more information, see Provisioning Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (requires PartnerSource login).

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