After you have set up all the parameters for Payment Services, processing credit card payments is the next step.

To start accepting credit card payments, you must sign up with Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. For more information, see Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Credit Card Payment Process

The following table describes the tasks in the preferred order in a typical credit card payment process.

To Perform the following tasks

Set up credit card payments

Enter the required setup data for the customer, which includes establishing the customer payment terms and setting up the credit card payment method code.

Create a sales order or invoice

Create a sales order or invoice and add order lines. If the customer’s default payment method is not credit card, then you can specify it on the sales order.

Authorize the amount against a credit card

Authorize the total sales order amount against the credit card. You can set up the authorization to occur automatically. Otherwise, you must manually authorize the amount. For more information, see How to: Set up Payment Services.

An authorization is valid for a specified number of days. If the payment occurs after the authorization has expired, then you must reauthorize the amount.

If an amount has already been authorized and you try to reauthorize it, then you must void the authorization and then reauthorize the amount. Authorizing an amount places a hold on the customer's account, and you cannot use that money for that customer. If you modify the sale order, then you must void the authorization and reauthorize the amount. The previously authorized amount is then released on the customer account, and the new amount is authorized. We recommend that you reauthorize an invoice amount if it changes significantly.

Capture payment and ship the order

When the shipment is ready, post the sales order and send the actual payment to the payment service.

  • If the payment service registers the payment successfully, then the payment is created and captured, and you can ship the order.

  • If the payment service does not register the payment successfully, the payment is not posted or captured. For more information, see How to: Work in the Cash Receipt Journal.

Refund payment upon return

If the customer wants to return goods, then you must refund the paid amount. You have to create a credit memo with the credit card payment type against the sales order and refund the amount to the customer account.

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