In this procedure, you set the parameters for online credit card payments.

To set up payment services

  1. In the Classic client, in the navigation pane, click Administration, click Application Setup, click Online Services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and then click Payment Services Setup.

  2. In the Authorization Required check box, select the check box to enforce credit card authorization before shipping products or moving them from different warehouse locations.

  3. In the Days Before Authoriz. Expiry field, enter the number of days that an authorization should be valid for. This can be different from the authorization expiration days on the payment processor side. If the number of days is exceeded, Microsoft Dynamics NAV reauthorizes the amount when the specific document, for which the authorization was created for in the first place, is used.

  4. Click Additional Charges.

  5. In the Charge Type field, select whether to calculate the value in the Charge Value field as a percentage or as a fixed amount.

  6. In the Charge Value field, enter the number to use to calculate additional charges for processing online payments. The value is either a percentage or a fixed amount.

  7. In the Max. Charge Amount (LCY) field, enter the maximum additional charge that you can add to the payment.

    For example, you can set the following values for additional charges.

    Field Value

    Charge Type


    Charge Value


    Max. Charge Amount (LCY)


    If you have an order for LCY 2,000, then the additional charge amount is first calculated as 200. Because the maximum charge amount is 100, then an additional LCY 100 is applied to the order. You cannot have a charge value that is greater than the amount that is specified in the Max. Charge Amount (LCY) field.

  8. Click Numbering.

  9. In the Credit Card Nos. field, select the number series to use and then click OK.

    The number series is used to store credit cards in the system. Each credit card is uniquely identified by a number generated by the number series. If this is not set up, you must make sure to use a unique number each time a new credit card is created for a customer.

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