To support the navigation principle in the RoleTailored client that a user must always be able to move from a list place to a card, all list forms that you want to transform and that have cards associated with them must have a CardFormID property specified. The CardFormID specifies the card form with which the list form is associated. The following procedure describes how to specify the CardFormID.

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

To specify the CardFormID

  • In the Transformation Forms window, for each form whose FormType is List, select the form ID in the CardFormID field of the card that is associated with the list form.


    If you use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developers Toolkit with the TIF Editor, you can use the lookup function from the CardFormID field in the Transformation Forms window. The lookup function displays the card form that is associated with the same source table as the list form on the line that is selected. You can find the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developers Toolkit on PartnerSource.