Each page has a type. You must specify the page type before you can transform a form to a page. To simplify the task of specifying page types, forms have also been assigned types and a form type to page type mapping has been created. Therefore, to specify a page type, you can choose to first specify the form type. Then, if you import the form to page mappings, the page type will be specified automatically.

For example, in the standard application, form 5, Currencies, is defined as a List type form, which is mapped to a List type page. Similarly, form 39, General Journal, is defined as a Journal type form, and form 7023, Sales Price Worksheet, is defined as a Worksheet type form. Both map to Worksheet type pages.

To use the lookup capability for page types in the Transformation Input File (TIF) Editor, you must import the FormToPageTypeMapping.txt file. The following procedure describes how to import the FormToPageTypeMapping.txt file.

Before you begin this procedure, you must do the following:

To import the default form type to page type mapping

  1. In the Transformation Forms window, click Setup, and then select Import FT-PT Mapping.

  2. In the Import/Export Form Types window, in the File Name field, click the ellipsis button (...).

  3. In the Dataport Import File Name window, browse to the FormToPageTypeMapping.txt file, and then click Open.


    The FormToPageTypeMapping.txt file is located in the TIF Editor folder, which was created when you installed the form transformation tool.

  4. In the Import/Export Form Types window, under Direction, select Import, and then click OK.

  5. Verify that the form types, with their definitions and matching page types, are now available for lookup and selection from the FormType field in the Transformation Forms window.

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