Setting Up the Warehouse for Directed Put-away and Pick

Directed put-away and pick gives you access to advanced warehousing features that can greatly enhance your efficiency and data reliability.  In order to use this functionality, you must first set up a number of parameters in your warehouse location.   

A. To use the directed put-away and pick functionality, you must activate the functionality on the location card:

  1. Open the Location Card window. Then click Location, List.

  2. Place your cursor on the location where you want to use directed put-away and pick.

  3. Click Location, Card. On the Warehouse tab, place a check mark in the Directed Put-away and Pick field.

You do not need to fill in any other fields on the location card until later in the setup process.


You cannot set up the warehouse to use bins (which is part of directed put-away and pick) when the location has open item ledger entries.

B. The next step is to define the type of bins you want to operate. For more information on this, see the topic Setting Up Bin Types. The bin type defines how the program will use a given bin in processing the flow of items through the warehouse. You can assign a bin type to both a zone and to a bin.

C. You can also define warehouse class codes, if the warehouse carries items that need various storage conditions. The program respects the warehouse class codes when it suggests item placement in bins. You assign the warehouse class codes to:

D. You are now ready to set up zones, if you want to operate zones in your warehouse. Using zones reduces the number of fields you need to fill in when you set up your bins, because bins created within zones inherit several properties from the zone. Zones can also make it easier for new or temporary employees to orient themselves in your warehouse. But the structure that the program uses to control the flow of items is the bin, and you can therefore choose to operate with bins and only one zone.

To Set Up a Zone in Your Warehouse:

  1. Open the location card by clicking Warehouse Management, Setup, Locations.  On the location card, click Location, Zones.

  2. In the Zones window, fill in the Code and Description fields for each zone you want to operate.

  3. If appropriate, in the Bin Type field, select the bin type that you want to apply to the bins within the zone.

  4. If appropriate, in the Warehouse Class Code field, select a warehouse class code.

  5. Select a special equipment code in the Special Equipment Code field if you want your employees to use a particular piece of equipment while working in the zone.

  6. Fill in the Zone Ranking field with the ranking that you want for most of the bins in the zone.


When you change a zone parameter, all bins created thereafter in that zone will have the new characteristics, but the original bins will not be changed.

If you want to operate without zones, you nevertheless need one zone code that is undefined except for the code. You would then set up different types of bins in the Bin Creation Wksh. Templates window, which are the basis for the bins you create using the Calculate Bins function in the bin creation worksheet.

E. You must then set up the following:

  1. Put-away templates you want to use in your warehouses, see Setting Up Put-away Templates,

  2. Physical inventory counting periods, see Setting Up Physical Inventory Counting Periods, and

  3. Templates to set up

F. The next step in setting up the warehouse is to define bins.  See Setting Up the Warehouse for Bins for more information on setting up bins.

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