Setting Up Physical Inventory Counting Periods

A physical inventory is typically taken at some recurring interval, for example monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can set up whatever inventory counting periods you desire.

You set up the inventory counting periods that you want to use and then assign one to each SKU and/or item. The program then will automatically bring up lines for the bins containing these items when you perform a physical inventory and use the function Calculate Counting Period in the warehouse physical inventory journal or in the physical inventory journal.  

To Set Up Counting Periods:

  1. Open the Phys. Invt. Counting Periods window.

  2. Fill in the Code field with a short descriptive code for the counting period.

  3. Enter a short description in the Description field, if you wish.

  4. Fill in the Count Frequency per Year field with the number of times you want to perform a physical inventory each year.

To Assign a Counting Period to an Item or Stockkeeping Unit:

  1. Open the Item Card window. Then click Item, List and select the item to which you want to assign a counting period.

  2. On the Warehouse tab, click the AssistButton in the Phys Invt Counting Period Code field, and select the appropriate counting period.

The program informs you that if you change the code, the counting period will be recalculated, and asks you to confirm your intention to change the code. When you click Yes, the program calculates the first counting period for the item. The next time you click Functions, Calculate Counting Period in the warehouse physical inventory journal, the item appears as a line in the Phys. Invt. Item Selection window. You can now begin to count the item on a periodic (cyclic) basis.