Giving Roles to a Windows Logins

In order for a Windows login to be able to work in Navision they must be assigned a role.

Windows logins in Navision correspond to the Windows users and groups of the Windows domain. If both your domain and clients are running on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows XP, and SQL Server is running on Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server, you can give Windows users and groups roles within Navision. You can also make Navision roles members of Windows security groups.

To Give a Role to a Windows Login:

  1. Click Tools, Security, Roles and the Roles window appears.

  2. Select the role you want.

  3. Click Role, Windows Logins. The Windows Logins window for this role appears displaying a list of the Windows logins that have been given this role.

  4. In the Login ID field, select a new line and click the AssistButton . A window appears listing all of the users that have database logins.

  5. Select the Windows login to which you want to give this role.

  6. Click OK and this Windows login will be added to the list of Windows logins that have this role.

This Windows login has now been given this role for all the companies contained in the current database.

For more information about security in Navision, see the Installation and System Management manual for either Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision Database Server or the Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision SQL Server Option.

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