Assigning Permissions to Multiple Objects

You can also assign permissions for multiple objects.

To Assign Permissions to Multiple Objects:

  1. Click Tools, Security, Roles and the Roles window appears.

  2. Click Role, Permissions and the Permissions window for the selected role appears.

  3. Click All Objects at the bottom of the Permissions window for that role. A window will appear in which you can scroll up and down to see all the objects for which you can assign permissions.

  4. Enter Yes in the fields for the permissions that you want to assign to this role.

  5. If you select Table Data in the Object Type field, you can also apply a security filter. In the Security Filter field, click the AssistButton and use the standard table filter window that appears to specify the filter. The security filter will limit the permissions that this role has to data about specific customers, vendors and so on.

  6. Click OK to save your selection and it will be transferred to the Permissions window.

For more information about security in Navision, see the Installation and System Management manual for either Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision Database Server or the Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision SQL Server Option.

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