Default Dimension Priority Table

List of Fields in the Table

Here you can specify how the program handles conflicts between default dimension values suggested by the program from different sources for the same dimension.

On a journal line, for example, you can enter both a posting account and a balancing account. If you have set up default dimensions for both accounts, the program will suggest default dimension values for both. It is therefore possible that the program will suggest different default dimension values for the same dimension, leading to a conflict. This conflict can also arise between accounts or account types in documents and journals, and between headers and lines in documents.

By prioritizing account types in relation to each other, you can influence the way the program deals with conflicting dimension values. For example, if G/L accounts are given a higher priority than customer accounts, the program will resolve a conflict between the values suggested for a customer account and the values suggested for a G/L account in favor of the G/L account.

On a journal line: if two accounts have conflicting dimension values for default dimensions and have equal priority or are of the same account type, the program will resolve the conflict in favor of the last entered account.

On a sales or purchase document: header dimensions override line dimensions.