Default Dimension Table

List of Fields in the Table

Default dimensions allow you to specify how particular accounts or account types will use dimensions and dimension values. When you specify default dimensions for accounts, the program will suggest these dimensions and dimension values whenever the account is used, for example on a journal line. This makes entry posting easier for the user, as the program fills out the dimension fields automatically. However, the dimension values the program suggests can be changed, for example, on a journal line.

You can also use default dimensions to control how a dimension is used for certain accounts by selecting an option in the Value Posting field.

You can specify default dimensions in various ways:


When you set up default dimensions, you should consider whether the program will, in some circumstances, suggest conflicting default dimension values. For example, if you use two accounts on a journal line, the program may suggest different default dimension values for each account, leading to a conflict.

You can resolve conflicts between account types by using default dimension priorities. In cases where conflicting default dimension values are of the same account type, the program will favor the last entered account.

You can also use the Check Value Posting report to check if you have set up default dimensions with conflicting value posting rules.