Reporting to INTRASTAT on Forms

To obtain the information required on the INTRASTAT form from the statistical authorities, you must print the Intrastat – Form report. Before you can do this, you must prepare the Intrastat journal and fill it in.

To Report to INTRASTAT on Forms:

  1. Open the Intrastat Journal window.

  2. Click the AssistButton in the Batch Name field. Select the desired journal batch, and then click OK.

  3. If you have not already done so, fill in the journal manually or by clicking Get Entries.

  4. Click Print, Form.

  5. On the Intrastat Jnl. Line tab, on the Type line, click the Filter field. Click the AssistButton to select one of the options: Receipt or Shipment.

    If you have both sales and purchase transactions, you must complete a separate form for each type, so you must print the report twice.

  6. Click Print to print the report.

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