Preparing Intrastat Journals

The Intrastat journal is the basis for your INTRASTAT report. Before you can fill in the journal, you must fill in some information about the journal batch.

To Prepare Intrastat Journals:

  1. Open the Intrastat Journal window.

  2. If you have set up more than one journal batch, you can see the list of journal batches by clicking the AssistButton in the Batch Name field.

  3. On the line with the selected journal batch, you must set up the relevant information in the fields. In the Statistics Period field, enter the statistics period as a four-digit number where the first two digits represent the year and the next two digits represent the month. (For example, enter 0106 for June 2001.)

  4. In the Currency Identifier field, you can enter a code that identifies the currency of the Intrastat report. For example, you can enter EUR for euro and USD for US dollars, or 888 for euro and 400 for US dollars.

  5. Place a check mark in the Amounts in Add. Currency field if you want the Intrastat report to be in the additional reporting currency.

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