Correcting with General Journals

When you discover an erroneous entry, it must be corrected. Since it is not possible to change or delete a ledger entry in the program, the only way to correct an error is to post one or more corrective entries. You can do this in a general journal. Navision has two functions that can help you correct erroneous entries made while posting from a journal; the Reverse function, and when applying customer or vendor ledger entries; the Unapply function.

To Correct with General Journals:

  1. Click General Ledger, General Journals.

  2. Fill in the first line of the journal with the corrective information. Place a check mark in the Correction field (the field is not included in the standard layout, but you can insert it with the Design facilities).

  3. Click Posting, Post to post the journal.

    You can see the results of posting, as follows.

  4. Click General Ledger, Chart of Accounts.

  5. On the line with the relevant account number, click the AssistButton in the Net Change field.

  6. Browse to the last entry on the account (or whichever entry is relevant), and then click Navigate.

  7. In the Navigate window, click Show to view the G/L entries.

  8. On the menu bar, click Tools, Zoom to view all the fields on an entry.

  9. Browse to the bottom of the Zoom window and notice that the amount in the Debit Amount or Credit Amount field is negative

The Debit Amount and Credit Amount fields on the ledger entries are updated differently, depending on whether the entry is a normal or a corrective entry.

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