4.1.1 Commerce Portal Roles

A role is a collection of permissions that you can combine in any way needed. Read the section on Assigning Permissions to Roles to learn more about permissions.

The following basic roles have been defined in Commerce Portal:


There are two types of consumers: the unregistered consumer and the registered consumer.

Unregistered consumer

This is a B2C consumer who visits the portal but who hasn't been registered as a Web portal user in Navision . The unregistered consumer can browse the Web portal and add items to the shopping cart, but the consumer needs to be registered in Navision in order to buy these items.

Registered consumer

This is also a B2C consumer who has been registered in Navision. Registered consumers are usually individuals conducting personal business rather than companies.


The partner is a B2B customer who is registered in Navision .


It is important to note that the standard application does not distinguish between the consumer role and the partner role. Instead, customer refers to both a consumer and a partner.

Partner Administrator

The partner administrator is a partner who has administrative rights on the Web portal to maintain company contact information.


The vendor is the supplier of a company, meaning the person whom you buy from.

Vendor Administrator

The vendor administrator is a vendor who has administrative rights on the Web portal to maintain company contact information.

External Salesperson

The external salesperson performs a number of commerce related activities for customers. The external sales person needs to be able to access Navision from outside the company, when for example visiting customers.


In Navision the term "contact" is used for partners, vendors and salesperson. The Web portal, however, uses the term "user".

Add a New Role

You can add a new role or change an existing role.

  1. Open the Web Portal Roles window:

The Web Portal Roles window appears:

  1. Click a blank line and fill in the Code, Description and Name field.

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