4.1.2 Assigning Permissions to Roles

A role can be assigned several permissions. Each permission will grant the Web user permission to perform a task or part of a task on your Web portal. Permissions are predefined in Commerce Portal and can be assigned to the Web portal user as a part of a role.

The following are examples of the different permissions a role can have:

Follow this procedure, to assign permissions to a role. This example will assign permissions to the EXT-SP (External Sales Person (B2B)) role:

  1. Open the Web Portal Roles window:

  2. In the Code field, click EXT-SP.

  3. Click Role, Permissions. The Role Permissions window appears.

  4. Click a blank line.

  5. Click the AssistButton in the Permission No. field. The Permission List window appears.

  6. Select the permissions you want to add to EXT-SP, and click OK.


You can add new permissions to the Permissions table. However, it is not enough to add the permission to the Permissions table. You must have your programmer create new code that can handle the new permission.