Refining Segments

After you have selected the contacts within a segment, you may decide to remove some but keep others. You can manually remove them from the lines in the Segment window, but it is easier and faster to use the Remove Contacts - Refine function.

You can use the Remove Contacts - Refine function when you want to indicate the contacts you decide to keep in the segment. To specify which of the contacts you would like to remove, use the Remove Contacts - Reduce function.

To Refine Segments:

  1. Open the Segment window.

  2. Find the segment you want to refine, and click Function, Segment, Remove Contacts, Refine. The Remove Contacts - Refine window appears.

  3. On the Contact tab, in the Field field, select one or more fields to specify the information that you want to use to select the contacts to be kept in the segment.

  4. Apply a filter to these fields, on the Contact tab, in the Filter field.

  5. On each of the remaining tabs, repeat steps 3 and 4 to enter one or more additional filters.

  6. Click OK.

You can refine a segment as many times as you want. Click Functions, Segment, Go Back, if you have refined the segment by mistake and want to go one step back.


If you are not familiar with the Remove Contacts - Refine function, you may want to use the Segment wizard to refine your segments.

You can see a list of the segment criteria that you have used by clicking the AssistButton to the right of the No. of Criteria Actions field.

After you have selected all the contacts to be included in your segments, you may want to save the segmentation criteria. You can then use these criteria to create new segments.

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