Using the Segment Wizard

If you are not familiar with the Segment Add Contacts, and Segment Remove Contacts functions, you may want to use the Segment wizard to add and remove contacts.

To Use the Segment Wizard:

  1. Open the Segment window.

  2. Find the segment that you want to add contacts to or remove contacts from, and click Functions, Segment, Wizard. The Segment wizard appears.

  3. In the first window of the wizard, select the type of action you want to apply to the segment (Add Contacts or Remove Contacts) and click Next.

    You must select an action before you can click Next.

  4. If you have selected Remove Contacts, in the second window of the wizard, select the way that you want to remove contacts from your segment and click Next.

  5. In the other wizard windows, select the filters that you want to use to define the contacts that you want to add, keep or remove from the segment.

  6. Click Finish.

Click Functions, Segment, Go Back if you have added or removed contacts by mistake and want to go one step back.

After you have selected all the contacts for a segment, you may want to save the segment criteria.

You can see a list of the segment criteria that you have used by clicking the AssistButton to the right of the No. of Criteria Actions field.

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