To work with the data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you must first open a company.

To open a company

  1. In the development environment, on the File menu, choose Company, and then choose Open. The Open Company window opens. This window lists all of the companies to which you have access in the current database.

  2. Select the company that you want to open.

  3. Choose the OK button to open the company.

When you choose Open for the first time and you have not already created any companies, there can be a company for you to open if you are using the database that contains the demonstration company. This is the company that comes with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It contains a complete version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and gives examples of how to set up various types of data. For example, it contains a chart of accounts, a list of customers, some items, posted entries, and so on.

It can be helpful to spend a little time learning about Microsoft Dynamics NAV by investigating the demonstration company. You can recognize a demonstration company because its name starts with CRONUS and because you are allowed to post only in the months of November, December, January, and February.

You can use the demonstration company in two ways. If you want to see all the facilities in the system, including those you have not purchased permissions for, you must use the license file that comes with the demonstration company. It is called Cronus.flf. To select it, on the Tools menu, choose License Information, and then choose Change.

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