You can create as many companies as you want in a database.

To create a company

  1. In the development environment, on the File menu, choose Company, and then choose New. The New Company window opens.

  2. Enter the name of the new company in the Company Name field.

    You can give the company any name you like, but if you create a company whose name starts with CRONUS (all in uppercase letters) while working under a demonstration license file, the company will automatically become a demonstration company, with all the restrictions that implies (you can only post between November and February, and so on).

    The company name can have a maximum of 30 characters. If the database collation is case-sensitive, you can have one company called COMPANY and another called Company. However, if the database is case-insensitive, you cannot create companies with names that differ only by case.

  3. Choose the OK button to create the company.

When you create the company name, remember that it will be written at the top of various reports, so write it exactly as you want it to appear. If you make a mistake while entering the name, or if you want a different one, you can always rename it. On the File menu, choose Company, and then choose Rename.

You can create as many companies as your license allows.

In earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you could create a table by using the INSERT Function (Record) to add a record to table 2000000006, the Company table. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, it is not supported to create a company by using the INSERT function. You must create companies by using the New Company window in the development environment.

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