If a Sales Order was posted, but the payment was not successfully processed, you must manually capture the payment in the Cash Receipt journal against the invoice. In this procedure, you manually work with payments in the Cash Receipt journal.

To work in the Cash Receipt journal

  1. Open the Cash Receipt Journal page.

  2. In the Document Type field, select Payment.

  3. In the Account Type field, select Customer.

  4. In the Account No. field, select the customer account.

  5. In the Credit Card No. field, select the credit card to capture the payment from.

    If this field is not visible, right-click on the page header, select Choose Columns, and add the Credit Card No. from the list of available columns.
  6. In the Action Pane, click Apply Entries to select the invoice to post. The Amount field is automatically filled in.

  7. Click Post. The invoice is now paid.

You can also capture payment from two credit cards against one invoice. You must create two lines in the Cash Receipt journal, and you must manually adjust the amount. Also, you can have a different payment amount that must also be manually adjusted. For more information, see the "Processing Receipts" topic in the online Help.

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