You can use the following table as a checklist to help set up a more secure Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 environment.

Task Additional information

Install Microsoft Dynamics NAV software

You must make decisions about where you install Microsoft Dynamics NAV components.

See Installing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

Activate your Microsoft Dynamics NAV license

See How to: Activate the License File.

Create users

See How to: Create Users.

Import RoleTailored roles

You can import an .xml file to add supplemental roles to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system: a BASIC role and one role that corresponds to each standard profile in the RoleTailored client. By adding these roles, you create a link between traditional security concepts for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (roles, permissions, and users) and security concepts that are specific to the RoleTailored architecture (profiles and Role Centers).

See How to: Import RoleTailored Roles.

Import permissions for the BASIC role

You can import an .xml file that adds permissions for the BASIC role.

See How to: Import Permissions for the BASIC Role.

Download permissions for additional roles

You can download permissions for additional roles from PartnerSource.

See Downloading Permissions for Additional RoleTailored Roles.

Assign users to roles

You must assign the ALL and BASIC roles to all RoleTailored client users. For more information, see Special Roles.

See How to: Assign Users to Roles.

Configure Role Centers

See How to: Configure a Role Center.

Assign users to profiles

See How to: Assign a User to a Profile.

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