Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports user-level security to ensure that only persons with the appropriate authorization can access information in the system. You must add users and assign roles so that each person is able to perform tasks in accordance with the permissions that they have been allocated.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports two methods for logging on:

The RoleTailored client requires Windows authentication and does not support Database authentication.

All administration of security and permissions is performed through the Classic client and not the RoleTailored client.


To add users on a computer running Windows Vista with User Access Control enabled, start the Classic client with administrator privileges. To do this, right-click Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic with Microsoft SQL Server in the Start menu, and then select Run as administrator.

For additional information about administering users and roles, see the section Security and Permissions in the Classic client online Help.

Adding and Synchronizing Users

To add users using Windows Authentication

  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic with SQL Server.

    This opens the Classic client. If you have not already installed the Classic client, see How to: Install Classic Client for Administrative Tasks.

  2. From the Tools menu, click Security, and then click Windows Logins.

  3. Click in an empty row and type the user's login in the format TheirDomain\TheirUserName, and press TAB to add the user.

  4. Select the user and click Roles.

  5. Select an appropriate RoleID, press TAB to commit the information, and then close the form.

  6. From the Tools menu, click Security, and then click Synchronize All Logins.

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