The demo license is automatically installed whenever you install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 client. The demo license works with the CRONUS demo database and has serial number 000 and includes granule 540. The license allows access to the entire base application and limited access to the development system.

Properties of the Demo License

When the demo license is installed, you can:

  • Start up to two simultaneous client sessions on any platform.

  • Create up to two companies.

  • Start up to two instances of Application Server.

  • Support an unlimited number of Web users.

  • Support an unlimited number of Employee Portal users.

  • Run with databases of up to 500 MB.

  • Use either Classic database server databases or SQL Server databases.

  • Run in any supported language.

  • Use all application functionality, including add-on products, local extensions and customizations in current and previous versions. This means that you can run, but not modify, all object types within the range 1 to 99,999,999.

  • Run and modify table 18, forms 21 and 22, report 101, and XMLports 99,008,503 and 99,008,510.

  • Run, modify and create fields 99,990 to 99,999, form 99,999, report 99,999, and MenuSuite 90.

Constraints of the Demo License

The demo license does not allow you to:

  • Import objects in text format, except for form and report ID 99,999.

  • Make more than 4,000 transactions in a database.

  • Enter dates in months other than November, December, January, and February.

A transaction is any action that requires interaction with the database, including posting an order, posting a worksheet, and synchronizing a record.

Country/Region Versions

When running a country/region version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the license must correspond with the country/region version that you have installed.

Any license can be available in different country/region versions. For example, Spanish license ES 4.00 SP2 completely installed can only run with a license serial numbers ES-ZA-xxx-xxxxx-x; Spanish license ES 4.00 SP2 database with a W1 4.00 SP2 completely installed can only run with a license serial numbers W1-ZA-xxx-xxxxx-x.

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