The Classic Application Server is a Classic Architecture component in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It is not the same as the NAV Server, which is a RoleTailored Architecture component.

If you are maintaining clients and applications under the Classic architecture, you may need to have Application Server available for communication with certain processes and functionality, such as Microsoft Office Outlook Integration. The NAV Application Server is installed by Setup as part of the Classic Server Components installation option.

For information on how to start Classic Application Server or set up communications between the Classic client and Classic Application Server, see NAV Application Server in the C/SIDE Reference Guide.

For additional information about the Classic Application Server, see w1w1atas.pdf ("Installation & System Management: Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV"). To obtain this manual, go to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Developer and Installation Guides page in the Microsoft Download Center and download w1w1atas.pdf. Disregard all information in the PDF on how to install Classic Application Server—that information is superseded by information in this Help system.

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