Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 provides a set of standard roles. A role is a set of permissions for a set of objects in the database. You can use roles in the default form, modify roles, or create new roles as your needs require. You then can assign users to these roles.

Viewing Permissions for a Role

To view permissions for a role

  1. Open the Classic client, and then connect to an SQL database.

  2. On the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Roles.

  3. Select a role, click Role in the lower right corner of the form, and then select Permissions.

Assigning a User to a Role

To assign a user to a role

  1. In the Classic client, on the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click Windows Logins.

  2. Select a user, and then click Roles to open the Roles form.

    Any roles that are already assigned to the selected login are displayed.

  3. Click in the first blank row to select the row, and then click the up arrow in the Role ID field to display a list of roles.

  4. In the Roles form, click in the left column to select a role.


    You cannot select more than one role at a time.

  5. Click OK to return to the list of roles for the selected user.

    The new role is now in the list for the login.

  6. Close the Roles form, and then close the Windows Login form.

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