The Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV tool that gives companies the ability to accurately capture data for inbound, outbound, and internal documents, primarily in connection with warehouse activities. With ADCS, company employees use handheld devices and radio frequency technology to continuously validate warehouse inventories.

ADCS requires Classic Application Server, a component of the Classic Architecture in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

While you run Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup, you can provide configuration information for ADCS.

Configuring ADCS in Setup

You can configure ADCS while running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup. You must first select the ADCS as a component to install. To do this, you need to customize the list of components to install to include ADCS, which is not included in any of the predefined Installation Options. For more information, see How to: Choose Components to Install.

After you customize your component list to include ADCS, the Specify parameters pane is displayed in Setup. Click Automated Data Capture System (the underscore indicates that this component is configurable) to open an Installation Parameters pane.


The list of parameters that you see in the Specify parameters pane varies, depending on which components you have selected for configuration. The following parameters pertain to ADCS.

Parameter Description

Server IP Address

Specifies the IP Address for Application Server.


TCP Port

Specifies the port to use for connecting to Application Server.

Default: 11322

Click Apply when you have finished entering values to return to the Specify parameters pane in Setup.

Configuring ADCS After Installing

See w1w1InstADCS.pdf ("Automated Data Capture Systems for Microsoft Dynamics NAV") for details about additional configuration tasks you must perform to get ADCS up and running.

To obtain this manual, go to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 Developer and Installation Guides page in the Microsoft Download Center and download w1w1InstADCS.

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