The Demo Install option is visible on the first page after you accept the license agreement in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup. Setup then copies all three tiers of the RoleTailored Architecture to the local computer.

The Demo Install is intended for users who want to try out the features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. It is not intended as the foundation for an actual production environment.

Demo Install Option Notes

  • When you click Demo Install, Setup begins copying files. After this, you have no further interaction with Setup (except to click Close to exit Setup when it is finished copying files).

  • If Setup finds a copy of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Demo database already on the destination computer, it fails. To resolve this problem, first delete the Demo database (as per the instructions in Modifying, Uninstalling, or Repairing), and then run Setup again.

  • Setup cannot install an .mdf file (the data file for a database) to the local computer if the destination folder or drive is compressed.

Installed Components

When you choose the Demo Install option, Setup installs the following components:

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