Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup supports pre-configuration of components in advance of installation, so that administrators can customize Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 components before deploying them to users.

After you have finished configuring components, you have two options:

For information about saving and loading Setup configuration files, see How to: Create or Load a Setup Configuration File.

Pre-Configuring Components

To associate configuration settings with a component before installing

  1. In Setup, from the Specify parameters pane, click any component displayed with an underscore.

    There are two visual indicators regarding the configurability of each component:

    • Underscore: Indicates that the component can be configured.

    • The icon to the left: Shows whether the component is ready to run and install (green check mark); in need of configuration before it can be used (green arrow with yellow alert), or in need of configuration before it can be installed (white arrow on blue background).

  2. In the Installation Parameters pane (which appears after you click a component with an underscore), enter values for all relevant parameters.

    For information about parameters for a configurable component, see one of the following:

  3. When you have finished configuring a component, click Apply to return to the Specify parameters pane in Setup.

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