You create or load Setup configuration files using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup. You can directly edit these XML files.

Setup configuration files contain three types of settings.

Setting type Purpose


Specifies the name and location of the directory where Setup installs Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 software on the target computer.

There is only one instance of this setting per Setup configuration file.


These settings have two possible values: Local, to indicate that the component is included in the install, and Absent, to indicate that the component is not included. A Setup configuration file has one ComponentID setting for each item that Setup can install. You can change the value of a ComponentID setting, but you cannot add or remove any of these settings. If you do, you will not be able to use the resulting Setup configuration file.


These settings contain configuration information for components. As with ComponentIDs, you can modify the value of a ParameterID setting, but you cannot add or delete a ParameterID setting.

For information about values for pre-configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 components using a Setup configuration file, see Configuring Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

Tip:   Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup is primarily a tool for installing software, but you can also use it as an editor for creating and modifying Setup configuration files. When you want to edit a Setup configuration file, you have the following options:

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