The Database Components option is software you install on the computer running the SQL Server database to configure interaction between Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and the SQL Server database.

What Setup actually installs with the Database Components option depends on whether it finds SQL Server already present on the computer:

Configuring Database Components in Setup

When you are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Setup, you can provide configuration information for the database components. You must first do one of the following steps in Setup:

  • Select Database Components on the Choose an installation option page.

  • Select SQL Server option from the Customize the installation page.

These actions are equivalent.

After you specify an installation option or customize your component list, you see the Specify parameters pane. Click SQL Server option to open the Installation Parameters page.


The exact list of parameters that you see in the Specify parameters pane depends on which components you have selected for configuration. The following parameters pertain to database components.

Parameter Description

SQL Server instance

Specifies the instance of SQL Server that Microsoft Dynamics NAV interacts with. If no value is provided, then Microsoft Dynamics NAV interacts with the default instance of SQL Server.


If you specify a nondefault instance and Setup fails to connect to the database, then try prefixing the server computer name and a backslash to the instance name, such as serverName\instanceName.

SQL Database

Specifies the name of the database that Microsoft Dynamics NAV interacts with.

The default value is Demo Database NAV (6-0).

Replace Existing Database

Specifies what Setup should do if the demo database is already present in SQL Server.

With the default value (No), Setup completes with an error.

With this parameter set to Yes, Setup completes with no error.

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